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Professionalization Craigslist  in reporting indicated by the rules or adab-adab to be followed in reporting their reporters in the field of law. Ordinary people who do not understand the culture-adab in journalistic practices and matters of law and justice, would be confused when reading the various media that his attitude is not the same in the name and identity of the offender in the news police forces or court.

Respect the presumption of innocence means that journalists are obliged to protect the suspect / accused / defendant perpetrator of a crime by stating clearly the name or identity. This must be done before there is a court ruling that declared the perpetrator error and the decision was already gaining strength fixed, the prevalent media is the name of the perpetrator only with initials or load a picture with closed eyes or just showing pictures back alone.

b)   Avoiding the name of the moral evil

About news in moral crimes or sex crimes too, journalists must spokeo  remain in his professional attitude. Professional attitude is listed in the action of journalists in reporting the events that still have to refer to the code of journalistic ethics. Consider for example the content of Article 8 of the code of ethics of journalism PWI which reads "journalists in reporting the crime of immorality does not harm the victim." In explanation of this article says "do not mention the name or identity of the victim, meaning that the news does not give a clue about who the victims of the moral act, either face , workplace, family members and or shelter. But may only mention the sex and age of the victim. These rules also apply in the case of offenders under age (under 16 years)

c)   Protect the right to privacy